“Make it real”:

from Virtual
to Emotional reality

Presenting the VR-on demand-kit, made for Orange

VR today

The Virtual Reality buzz spreads all over these days. Yet, VR as we know it today is still far from a truly immersive experience. Sure, the technology and equipment evolve rapidly. But VR often remains a passive, one way experience. So …

Beyond the VR-hype

That’s why we decided to approach VR from a different angle: the participative one.

What does it mean?

  • Bringing VR to a two-way interaction level
  • Fully immersive and in real time
  • Both visually 360° and 3D-auditive
  • Allowing to be present ánd to participate to the action
  • Without wires or static positions as limiting conditions
  • Using only hardware components for end users

With eyes

Two 360fly 4K cameras represent the eyes of our VR-kit. Thanks to a unique code, our installation is able to stitch 2 half-sphere videos from the cameras in real time. Afterwards the full videosphere is streamed to the Gear VR 2.

With ears

Our VR-installation records sound with an omni binaural microphone with 4 pairs of ears, which provides audio in 3D. With tailored, homebrew software, we synchronized the omni binaural audio to the 360° videosphere.

With a body

No ears and eyes without a body: a self-assembled installation, that fits in a backpack. It consists of an Orange flybox, which connects to the 4G-network, an amplifier for audio, a processor and a battery.

The making of

Make it real for Orange

Behind the scenes

for Orange

In the end, it’s not just about technology.
It’s about adding relevance to technological possibilities.
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